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Phoenix FlapForce Adventure


This birds game is a mix of adventure and dodging obstacles game, with survival being the main goal as you end up stranded on a happy eagle birds island with no way off it. You are the phoenix, the bird with many lives, and a fire force matched with none other creature living or dead.As the phoenix flies from one end of your screen to the other, you can tap your finger to make it fly higher and avoid obstacles like pillars. You can use the coins to unlock characters and revive the fallen phoenix. Coins can also be purchased through the app.
Activate Flapforce to make your Phoenix invincible briefly, and watch it explode pillars like a bubble on contact. There are several characters you can play as, besides the default Phoenix. These include the Glowing Phoenix, the Neon Blue Eagle, the Golden Eagle and the Jet Pack Eagle.
Highlight features:
Multiple fun and challenging obstacles to overcome.Phoenix FlapForce mode for invincibility.Multiple characters to select from. Fun and long lasting addicting adventure.
Age rating:
Phoenix FlapForce was created by the best phoenix dash, birds run, birds fly game team to be compatible with all ages.